No One is Home

Dollhouses create a false reality because they are idealized versions of our world. The houses themselves along with their accessories are fake, just mere imitations of what we fill our homes with. Children are given these spaces to express what they feel is their version of life but the problem is, it is just a false, idealized representation of such and no one can truly live here. With this series titled No One is Home I staged scenes from my childhood that were either real or imagined, just as I did as a child in this very dollhouse. I received this dollhouse along with many of its accessories as a child which I still use today in my photography work. Shooting with 35mm black and white film I aimed to capture the theory that each time a memory is recalled it changes, and what you remember is just the last time you thought about the memory. Many of the scenes that I staged in this little home are in fact my memories, but whether they actually happened or not is not certain.