Chroma Therapy

The objects and colors we use to decorate our homes say a lot about what we choose to surround ourselves with. They are just objects, but we feel that they represent us and therefore are used to express this in our homes to feel more comfortable and create that homey atmosphere that is unique to us as individuals and families. But they are just that, objects. With this series I did a brief exploration of the objects and color schemes of home décor in a studio setting to see how objects can transform as space and how color can provoke different emotions. I used only objects found at thrift store to create these still life’s because these were the objects that were once in someone’s home, but have been donated because they were no longer wanted. Objects such as home décor are bought, used and discarded often. But what does this have to say about how we choose to surround ourselves? Objects are just objects, home décor is made up of objects and colors that really have no other function than to represent us as we feel fit but it is constantly changing as we do.