working-portraitAbigail Firth was born and raised in Houston, Texas. In 2016 she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio art, with an emphasis in photography, at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. Firth’s methodology involves photographing dollhouses, a process that comments on the idealized version of the adult world in which children play to express themselves.

Firth works with still life and miniature photography, where she uses dollhouse as her chosen subject matter. This interest, which continues into her adulthood, was sparked after receiving her first dollhouse as a child from her father. Firth’s photography explores dollhouse and their contents as a way of exploring the childhood psyche. Dollhouses offer a safe and small stage within which to create narratives that somehow parallel and reveal much about a child’s life. In dollhouse play, a child can remain untroubled by the painful awareness of the direct or literal self-expression that might entail while representing scenarios that are desired, despised or accurately represented of his or her life. These dolls and dollhouses created and designed by adults reflect socially important images and a sense of idealized adult life. A child’s toy becomes a mirror of a false reality, a result of adults’ interpretation of children’s dreams and wishes. Firth’s work comments on the positive and negative results of dollhouse play. She has invited individuals of the age between leaving childhood and joining adulthood to stag these dollhouse and as a result found that these individuals projected their own subconscious thoughts into the tiny rooms.


2016      Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art, emphasis in Photography, University of North Texas, Denton, TX

Group Exhibitions

2016      Topophilia, Cora Stafford Gallery, Denton, TX

               Colere, Taps and Caps, Denton, TX

               Criterion, Brick Haus Collective, Denton, TX

               Union Arts Competition, Denton, TX

2015      Apex, The Panhandle House, Denton, TX

               Time Is Now, The Green Elephant, Dallas, TX

               Anomaly, Frisco Discovery Center, Frisco, TX

2014      Temporary Name, Denton, TX

2013      University of North Texas Lightwell Gallery, Denton, TX

2012      The World Trade Center, New York, NY

               The Purple Elephant, Cypress, TX